Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blah Blah Blah, why Blog?

I started a Youtube channel to chronicle and share a trip I took for my 30th birthday. That trip entitled "30th Solo Road trip"-which I know is misleading, was the first of a few things. 1) It was my first solo trip and 2) first real road trip (with multiples stops). 3)  It also was the first trip with my #1 sidekick, Sonny the dog, who is also a natural traveler. When I made my first stop, I took out my new Galaxy tab and made a quick video showing my perspective. I emailed, then posted privately to my YT channel. My network of friends asked for more videos and I obliged them. Since then I've gotten an IPAD and accessories, and started editing my footage.  I'm still learning along the way but making the travel videos has become a hobby, and a good way to inform about my trips without repeating the same stories.  I am no Ipod player...repeat repeat repeat.  So....what kind of posts would you like to see in a travel video? landscape Footage, interviews with the locals, eating the cuisine, and/or standing on my head in front of of national monuments??? I'm still working on that last one in yoga. 

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